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 1. Screening of ""Facing to the ocean: selected documentaries from Vietnam"

 Events » Events in 2003

  6 . Vietnam Documentary Film: "A Spiritual World" (Mot coi tam linh) and "There is a village" (Co mot lang que), director Tran Van Thuy.

Date: 7.30pm. Friday November 21st, 2003.
Place: Room 304, Barnard Hall, Columbia University.

  5 . Seminar & Exhibition on "Dong Ho Folk Art", Artist Nguyen Trong Khoi.

Date: October 11 - November 8, 2003.
PlaceColumbia University,
Harvard University, Yale University.

Dong Ho Folk Art

VSA at Columbia University


Tuệ Quang & Ho ng Oanh (Harvard Univ)

VSA at Harvard University


artist Trọng Khôi & Kiều Oanh

VSA at Yale University


  4 . Seminar on "The Legacy of the Ancient Champa Kingdom in Central Vietnam", Tran Ky Phuong.

Date: 2pm. Saturday June 14th, 2003.
Place: Warren Weaver Hall, New York University.

Trần Kỳ Phương


  3 . "Upside Down Art" Exhibition, Artist Nguyen Dai Giang.

Date: 9am - 5pm. April 25 & 26th, 2003.
Place: Sulzberger Parlor Room, Barnard Hall, Columbia University.

Life - Old - Ill - Die (Sinh - Lão - Bệnh - Tử)


artist Nguyễn Ðại Giang & Dr. Ngô Thanh Nh n


Nguyễn Ðại Giang & VSA


  2 . "Illustrations of the Tale of Kieu", composer Pham Duy.

Date: 7.30pm. Saturday April 5th, 2003.
Place: Merkin Concert Hall, New York.

Phạm Duy (left) and Nguyễn Ngọc Bích (right)



  1 . Vietnam Documentary Film: "How to Behave" (Chuyện tử tế) and "Story from the corner of a park" (Chuyen tu mot goc cong vien), director Tran Van Thuy.

Date: 7.30pm. Friday March 7th, 2003.
Place: Room 304, Barnard Hall, Columbia University.

Director Trần Văn Thủy (right)


Trần Văn Thủy & VSA

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