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Welcome To IVCE
 The Institute for Vietnamese Culture & Education
 Coming up events
 1. Screening of ""Facing to the ocean: selected documentaries from Vietnam"

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  5 . IVCE Classical Music Showcase Concert, pianist Quynh Nguyen & violinst Nam Tang

Time: November 19, 2010.
Place: Graduate Center, CUNY.



  4 . Documentaries from Vietnam

Time: October 27 - November 10, 2010.
Place: SCSU, Smith, Harvard, Holy Cross, Brown, UPenn, New York University, Yale, Princeton.



  3 . Music of Vietnam: Traditional Solo Music for Strings

Time: April 21, 26, 28, 2010.
Place: Asia Society, American University, Brookhaven National Laboratory.

Tra My



  2 . Screening of "Owl and the Sparrow" (Cu va chim Se), director Stephane Gauger

Time: April 1 - April 16, 2010. 
Place: Princeton University
, University of Pennsylvania, New York University, Yale University, Brown University, Boston University, Cornell University.

Mr. Stephane Gauger


  1 . Seminar on "The Essence of Thang Long Hanoi Cuisine", Dr. Nguyen Nha

Thousands of traditional soul foods of Thang Long Hanoi have been well preserved in restaurants or street-food stands all over Vietnam, and some are introduced and promoted around the world, yet many have been forgotten. Beginning from the “Thuc vat Tat Khao” (Thực vật tất khảo tường ký lục "Records of the methodic steps in food recipes"), which was written in Nôm (the traditional Vietnamese language) in 1735 during the Le-Trinh dynasty, there were 189 exotic gourmet recipes… to the “Nu cong Thang Lam” (Nữ công thắng lãm "Winning Magnificient Recipes for the Work of Women) written by Medicine Grandmaster Hai Thuong Lan Ong… to those colorful dishes specially prepared for Tet  (New Year) celebrations, wedding ceremonies, family dining, etc.

The authentic cuisines of Thang Long Hanoi are the symbolic of the unique personalities of the Northern Vietnamese people from the far north to the central of Vietnam, where people are very conservative in terms of tastes and selecting natural ingredients in cooking. They prefer pure and plain salt, they dislike sweet and sour tastes. They prefer purely brewed fish sauce without diluting or adding anything else. They prefer foods with seasonal ingredients. They skillfully specialize in many popular recipes, such as crispy "spring rolls", meat pies, sausages, soups, etc.

Time: 5-7pm. Friday March 26, 2010.
Happy hour, 5-6pm: food and drink
Place: Viet Cafe. 345 Greenwich Street, New York City. Tel: (212)431-8889.

Mr. Nguyen Nha


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